Ollie_DrOllie Would made his start as a director with stop motion lego animations when he was 12 and soon progressed onto short films. He focused on animation for 3 years developing skills in rotoscope, hand drawn cell animation and produced the web show Olliewood using Adobe Flash. He started experimenting with comic book art and used these skills to produce storyboards from which he began to produce self scripted narrative driven films.

For one of which, A Few Words For The Dead he won a best editor award. Through this medium he has utilised skills in music composition and production and experimented with special effects.

Ollie’s credits include:

A Few Words for the Dead (2012)
Figment (2013)
Problem Solver (2014)
Subterfuge S01E03 (2014)
Subterfuge S01E05 (2014)

Ollie’s influences include:

Joss Whedon, Guillermo del Toro, David Fincher, Gareth Edwards, The Coen Brothers, Edgar Wright, Jake Jarvi and Dan Trachtenberg.