Ollie_WrOllie Would (Creator and Writer) has always had an interest in writing. During primary school he created and wrote many short stories and poems (3 of which where published). At 16 he developed a love of writing scripts and started working on his own short films and features. In 2013 Ollie created the Graveyard Shift and in early 2015 started to write the show with Jay Robertson. Ollie’s credits include:

A Few Words for the Dead (2012) – writer
Figment (2013) – writer
Problem Solver (2014) – writer
Subterfuge S01E02 (2014) – co-writer
Subterfuge S01E03 (2014) – writer
Subterfuge S01E04 (2014) – writer

Ollie’s writing influences include:

Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon, Zack Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen, Mike Mignola, Steve Niles, Philip K. Dick, David Wong and Jake Jarvi.

Jay_WrJay Robertson has been writing comedy for 10 years. Everything from stand up material to sketches and skits, and anything else in between(??). He’s even had a go at writing songs, which are hilarious! Unfortunately, that was never the intention. When Ollie Would approached Jay to collaborate on “The Graveyard Shift”, Jay mistook Ollie for an urchin and got him straight up the chimney (not a euphemism). After much protestation from Ollie, Jay realised his mistake, and set about giving Ollie the length and girth (very much a euphemism) of his comedy writing “prowess”.

Addendum:- Jay’s chimney still needs sweeping!